is our framework for a sustainable future.

Our aim is to help our customers create better buildings while leaving a positive legacy. We focus on the key environmental and social issues where we can collaborate with our peers to make a real difference to the built environment. These include energy efficiency and carbon; waste; sourcing products and services in a responsible and ethical way; water efficiency and being good neighbours. By integrating these principles throughout our projects, we can deliver more sustainable buildings for our customers and help to shape the communities around them.

Corporate responsibility and sustainability are embedded in everything that we do and our efforts are coordinated by our teams, led by our Chief Executive Officer, Alan Chales. Our code of conduct sets out the ‘Codes Construction Way’, so that everyone knows what’s expected of them. It’s based on our values of performance, respect for people & communities, intelligence, teamwork and integrity.


The Construction industry has a major impact on the environment and faces significant challenges in making environmental improvements. We are committed to protecting the environment and ensuring that our actions today do not have an adverse effect on the future.

Responsible Sourcing is also one of our key priorities. We aim to ensure that our supply chain understands the sustainability challenges the Construction sector faces and that the materials we buy are procured in a responsible and ethical way.